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Many if not most Londoners have a strong identity as Londoners, and some retain a sense of their roots, their cultural identity and the other worlds or communities to which they belong as well. So many have said to me that London's cosmopolitan and multi-cultural nature is one of its most attractive features.
Marisha at Durga Puja, a Hindu festival, at Camden Town Hall Marisha at Durga Puja, a Hindu festival, at Camden Town Hall
For as long as I can remember I have had a sense of being a Londoner, and yet I've also described my family as Bengali, while simultaneously being British. My family was not only bilingual, it had two cultural strands, too. Whatever the source of the diverse heritage of Londoners, it enriches our city's cultural, social, and economic life.
I will work to maintain that tolerant, liberal atmosphere in our city. I've worked already with a variety of public servants who fight intolerance and hatred. I've spent time with teams who combat hate crime of all types and have highlighted their work in the press and promoted their work with external organisations.
I've addressed the issue of promoting tolerance in schools with the sub-committees of school governing bodies and with housing managers dealing with neighbour disputes. I've taken a variety of tricky decisions and vetoed proposals on the grounds that they discriminate against the young. At the request of a local resident I discussed with the local papers a stop-and-search which the resident felt was racially motivated.
I combine experience of decision-making in a part of London with a diverse local population with my own experience of belonging to a minority community myself.
Please send me your views of London, how its diversity has made a difference to you and what you have done to strengthen tolerance of other groups in your community.
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