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No one in London can fail to be aware of the shortage of housing in our city. As a local councillor I have seen the real effects of the housing shortage on families.
There are 350,000 families on housing waiting lists across our city. Many of them live in cramped conditions. I've visited families who live four or more to a room in a bedsit. I've received many letters from primary school head teachers, ministers of religion and family doctors on behalf of local families - usually with young children - who need better, more spacious, more suitable accommodation.
I know how children's lives can be blighted by overcrowded conditions, how their sleep is poor and interrupted, how in some boroughs there is no room in many homes to sit round a table to eat together or study, how poor housing has affected the health of many people - and how young people are turned out of their overcrowded homes into the street for the evening.
Without exception teachers in inner London have said to me that housing matters. Experts in public health have told me that if we are to address deprivation and inequality in London we have to tackle this issue.
The Mayor's Missed Housing Targets
The Mayor has planned to deliver fewer homes than needed to meet existing demand for social housing. He is late in delivering those that he's promised. As a campaigner across London I will not let the Mayor's missed targets pass unnoticed.
We must work together to keep up the pressure on the present Mayor to deliver and campaign for a Mayor who really believes in delivering housing in London for the future.
If you are seeing the effects of poor housing in your area, on your household or the people you serve locally, please contact me now.
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