Marisha Ray - your no. 1 choice for London
Prosperity for All
Creating the right environment for businesses to grow is important for the long-term prosperity of our city. As a part of the City Fringe Partnership Board I have had experience of how we can stimulate our local economy.
Marisha visits a new adult education centre Marisha visits a new adult education centre
I've worked for large private-sector organisations, as a lead councillor for procurement and also with many public organisations. As a result I appreciate how difficult it can be for small and medium-sized local businesses to tender for contracts. But smaller businesses with a capacity to grow are crucial for the prosperity of many of London's local communities.
I'm a strong supporter of Lib Dem policies to regularly review the cost and effectiveness of regulations on business and of our commitment to keep such regulations simple. I believe that growing local businesses are important to Londoners and I'll continue to listen to them in all my roles.
As a board member of the City Fringe Partnership Board which stimulated and developed the local economy at the edge of the City of London, I was involved in funding projects to allow businesses to start and grow. We also funded projects to provide skills and training and access to jobs in the City for local people.
I will work with you to highlight the projects in your area which provide Londoners with opportunities to start new careers and explore options which they would otherwise not have access to. Will you work with me showing me the best that your area has to offer in growing local business and local talent?
The Olympics provide opportunities for long-lasting change for much of east London: new infrastructure, new housing, new jobs and opportunities to develop the skills and confidence of our workforce, leaving a permanent legacy. As a candidate for the London Assembly I will campaign to make sure that those promised permanent benefits are actually delivered and sustained.
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