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Throughout my time as a Lib Dem councillor and activist I have campaigned on transport issues. Good transport links are key not only to London's economy, but also to many of our daily lives. Joined-up transport where we can easily and quickly change from one mode to another makes a difference to our journeys. It also translates into real economic advantage for our city.
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Transport affects quality of life, our city's prosperity, catchment areas for housing, air quality and health and our city's CO2 emissions. Well-run, competitively priced transport can improve safety and even education. Our city has been slow to invest in its transport infrastructure. But Lib Dem campaigns have made a significant difference over the years. The recent introduction of bikes around central London, an idea put forward by Lynne Featherstone, is just one example.
Crossrail, Thameslink, and local campaigns
Some of the issues I campaigned on have affected all of London, such as the need for Crossrail, for the expansion of Thameslink and the need for a properly integrated Tube station linking to both.
Others have been more local, such as the need for safety improvements to a junction where cyclists have almost daily "near misses" and where there had been at least one fatality. Yet others have been matters of policy, such as bus drivers' treatment of parents and carers with pushchairs. One of my first actions as a councillor was to look in detail at plans to implement a 20 mph zone in my ward.
I chaired a Crossrail–Thameslink forum and worked with colleagues and council officers to defend the rights of residents and businesses near the development, in an area known for having some of the most vibrant nightlife in the country.
I continue to support Crossrail strongly for the benefit of the whole of London.
For each transport project I've been involved with, large or small, there have been two parts: calling for an improvement, followed by campaigning to make sure it is carried out with the least possible disruption to local residents and businesses. Whatever stage your campaign in your area has reached, I'd like to join you, so please e-mail me now with details.
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